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Ranging from interactive tools that can’t translate to print, to quick blog articles that aren’t good enough for print, here’s the archive of exclusively online publications from the nlpost.

Now’s the time if you have an idea about how we can become more innovative

There is a growing awareness that innovative activity is the main driver of economic progress and well-being. With this is mind, it is of concern that (1) Canada ranks 9th in the world in innovation performance, and (2) that Newfoundland and Labrador far worse relative to Canada. This is particularly troubling considering the economic challenges that lie ahead for this province. How can we address this?

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Seamus O'Regan, MP talks Innovation
Sheldon Levy was in town Saturday at the invitation of Seamus O’Regan (Member of Parliament) and Dr. Gary Kachanoski (Memorial University President) to talk about driving innovation and entrepreneurship. Levy is a bit of an authority on the subject. It was a fascinating session and I figured I’d write a quick blurb on it to get people’s take on what I took from the event.
Iron & Earth is a new organization led by oilsands workers committed to incorporating more renewable energy projects into their work scope. It was co-founded by one of our own, and as such an Eastern Chapter has popped up with …
A former PC cabinet Minister has taken to Facebook to offer some constructive ideas based on her own experiences. Whether you like what she has to say or not, an insider putting the greater good over one’s political stripe is great stuff. Given the financial situation of the province, this kind of contribution should be celebrated.
The nlpost is a monthly print & online publication aiming to generate dialogue around the growth and diversification of Newfoundland & Labrador’s economy. It explores economic development opportunities from the perspective of individual businesses, communities, industries, and the province at-large.
Economic development can impact a town’s survival, the diversification of an economy, or the quality of life in a neighbourhood.
Have any ideas on how to improve the public transportation system in Newfoundland and Labrador, or your region? Are there good ideas you can share from your travels or your experiences living elsewhere?
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