‘Placemaking’ can be described as adding new physical characteristics to a community to distinguish it from another – contributing to the quality of a place so that people want to live, work, play and learn in it. A simple local example is the addition of The Loop at Bannerman Park. This feature gives the park an entirely unique feature, drawing in skaters, onlookers, and even hot chocolate vendors.

Placemaking can have economic, environmental, and health impacts, and can be as simple as putting a statue in an otherwise unoccupied space, using unique street signs in a special area of your town, making outdoor spaces available for public art, or adding a series of outdoor seating options in a public space.

Do you have ideas for additions to your neighbourhood that could improve its quality of place? That would contribute to the community’s walkability? That would encourage people to visit or stick around for a while longer? Or perhaps something that would simply brighten somebody’s day?

Contribute by double clicking on the wall, or dragging and dropping a file on to the wall. You can drop photos, videos, sounds, PowerPoints, and many other kinds of files here. You are not required to sign in.

It should go without saying, but it doesn’t: if you post an idea here then don’t get upset if somebody takes it and runs with it. nlpost is not responsible for the content or links posted on this page.

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